Unique New York-Themed Gifts To Send Your Loved Ones

If you have a loved one who once lived in the state of New York but has since moved away, they're sure to appreciate a gift that helps them remember their old state. It will remind them of home and help them feel closer to you. The next time their birthday, a graduation, or a holiday arises, consider sending them one or more of these New York-themed presents.

A Maple Syrup Gift Basket

Vermont may be the state that is best known for its maple syrup, but New York has pretty amazing syrup, too. Of course the hallmark ingredient in this gift basket is a jug of real maple syrup. Look for a grade A variety to be sure you're giving your loved one the best. You can also include some maple candy, maple cream (a lovely delicacy to spread on toast and biscuits), and maple sugar. Visit some local bookstores and find a book on how maple syrup is made for an extra special touch.

A Buffalo Wing Kit

If your loved one lived anywhere near the Buffalo area or even visited it, chances are, they miss the wings. Buffalo wings just are not the same outside of western New York! But you can easily compile a gift basket allowing them to make their own. Be sure to include:

  • Frank's Hot Sauce (Anchor Bar Sauce is acceptable, too. Buffalonians have disagreements as to which is better)
  • Vinegar
  • A Thermometer (for the frying oil)
  • A $20 bill so they can go buy the chicken wings from the grocery store

Apple Pie

Apple pie might be American, but it's even more popular in New York state than elsewhere -- thanks to the huge apple industry in the upstate area. Look for local pie companies; some may shop frozen pies that your gift recipient can bake or reheat in their own oven. You could also send them some apple butter or canned apple sauce if you know they love apple goodies.

Sponge Candy

This puffy, sponge-textured candy, coated in chocolate, is a New York specialty that you really can't find anywhere else. Look for it at your local grocery store for bulk sponge candy, and fill a decorative canister or jar with it. Make sure the jar is sealed tightly, since the sponge candy will become soggy if exposed to moisture.

With maple items, a chicken wing kit, sponge candy, or apple pie, your loved one will feel like they're right back in New York with you.

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